The disk space function shows the total volume of info that you could have on a shared web hosting server at one time. With a home PC, for instance, this is the total size of a single hard disk or the full capacity of all the hard disk drives in case that your computer has more than just a single one. Exactly as the space on a personal computer is shared between installed programs, documents, your music etc, the server storage space is shared between website files, databases and emails. Every file, folder and email message takes some space on your server, which means you should take into consideration a number of factors, not just the size of the files that you will upload. To give an example, getting large e-mail attachments or using a script-driven website in which the user-generated content is stored in a database may also affect the space you are using.

Disk Space in Shared Web Hosting

All of our shared web hosting packages were made with the concept that shortage of disk space can't be a thing that should obstruct the progress of your websites. Because of this we've taken a technique which is different from the one that most hosting companies use - rather than making all the accounts using a singlle server and subsequently not having enough hard disk space, we use a cloud hosting platform where the storage is taken care of by a whole group of servers. Because of this, we are able to add more machines in case they are required and / or more hard disk drives, so as to provide more disk space for all the files of our valued clients. Different clusters control your emails and your databases, so not only are you able to expand your websites without having to worry about storage space, but also all the servers will operate faster and better as every single service has its own space and an individual server doesn't handle various kinds of files.

Disk Space in VPS Servers

With our VPS plans, we provide you with ample disk storage for your content that suits the rest of the server characteristics, which means that a more expensive package comes with a higher quota. You can use the storage space as you see fit, because there are no particular allocations for your website files, emails or databases - all of them share the total hdd space on the server. Still, when you would like to have some limits, you are able to buy your VPS plan with cPanel or DirectAdmin as the hosting Control Panel, then you will be able to make website hosting accounts with a restricted amount of hdd space for every individual domain that you host on your server. In case you need additional space at some time, you are able to easily update your plan with a few clicks and the extra features will be included with your existing account, so you won't be required to relocate anything and all of your web sites will always be up and running.